Kendall and Kylie's Topshop Collection Will Make Holiday Outfit Shopping Ridiculously Easy

After the success of their debut Topshop line this Summer, Kendall and Kylie are back just in time for the holidays. The duo's new collection debuts Nov. 20, and if their first collab with the brand was any indication, we're guessing this one will sell out immediately.

The duo discussed the 15 pieces in the collection, noting "each one is special for the holiday season and captures the perfect party look mixed with effortless LA street style." The designs are glamorous and edgy, featuring skin-baring cutouts, metallic details, and luxe fabrics like satin and faux fur and the prices range from $60-$260. The looks are right in line with the both Kendall and Kylie's sexy signature styles, and while each looks flawless modeling the ensembles, everything is sleek enough for to make all your own. So, since we know you've got a party or two coming up, you may want to set an alarm for Friday so you can shop away.

Read on to see the dynamic duo's new designs, and watch the video below for a look behind the scenes.

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