Kim Kardashian's Scandalous Thong Bikinigram Has Landed Her in Some Hot Water

Kim Kardashian is constantly posting photos of herself wearing bikinis (or lack thereof) on Instagram. Most recently, her shoot with photographer Marcus Hyde has landed her in some hot water. For the scandalous swimsuit shoot, Kim posed seductively in a pair of string thong bottoms and a see-through ribbed white tee. She styled her white thong with a pair of gray high socks and a long furry coat.

But it wasn't just Kim's scantily clad ensemble that was making waves on the internet; it was also the star's hair. Many people were enraged by the fact Kim wore cornrows, which she called "Bo Derek braids," during the photo shoot and called her out for cultural appropriation. (Side note: this isn't the first time Kim has worn a culturally inappropriate hairstyle.) Kim responded back to the comments by captioning one of her photos, "Hi, can I get zero f*cks please, thanks."

Perez Hilton posted a screen shot of Kim's hair asking what his followers thought about the look. Actress Lindsay Lohan actually commented on the photo, writing, "I am confused." Kim immediately responded back, "@linsdaylohan you know what's confusing . . . your sudden foreign accent." Keep reading to have a look at Kim's controversial look ahead.