Your First Look at the Dreamy Silk Pajamas Everyone Wore to Kylie Jenner's Baby Shower

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While some details emerged about the baby shower Kylie Jenner reportedly threw for herself, she kept her pregnancy under wraps and only recently shared an 11-minute video backtracking some major moments from her pregnancy. Of course, we soaked up every snippet of Kylie's adorable film, which included love notes to her new baby girl from friends and family.

Kylie shared snapshots from her top-secret baby shower, and maybe it's just because it was Super Bowl Sunday at the time of her announcement, but we were left itching for the custom Corey Lynn Calter satin pajamas ($356) guests wore to her soirée. While the women were given champagne-colored separates to lounge around in, Kylie wore a sugary pink pair and posed for photos in front of a rose-covered wall. Ahead, catch a glimpse, watch the video, and shop for PJs that fit the bill if you, too, want to get in on the Kylie Jenner celebration.

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