Who's Already Wearing Chanel Sneakers Will Surprise You

If you've been paying attention to runways worldwide for the past six months or so, you've noticed something: Karl Lagerfeld has a thing for sneakers. He showed off superbright, ready-for-the-gym kicks at the house's Paris show earlier this month, and before that, he blew our minds with sparkly, tweedy-looking pairs at the Spring 2014 Couture show back in January. And while this pair might not look like they came straight from the runway, we're wondering if that simply means they were already hanging out in the closet of one very stylish Kylie Minogue.

Getty | Marc Piasecki

The Australian singer used the quilted kicks to finish off a combo of black pants and top she wore in Paris recently. And while we might be more used to seeing some diva leanings come her way, she kept things just a touch glam with a sparkly scarf and long, furry coat.

Getty | Marc Piasecki

And you can't just carry any old bag when you're rocking Chanel sneakers! She opted for the classic black Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag that we've spotted Angelina Jolie carrying.


With the jacket tossed nonchalantly over her shoulder, the outfit, including Chanel lace-ups, came together perfectly.