Lady Gaga's Hiking Shoes Will Either Shock You or Put a Smile on Your Face

We shouldn't really be shocked that Lady Gaga wore patent leather Christian Louboutin heels on a hike. She also wore raw meat on stage at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and managed to play the piano in a tube of bubbles while on tour. Gaga can do great things in really wild outfits. But something about her latest look — a crop top pulled off the shoulder, fluted Rachel Comey midi skirt, Ray-Ban sunglasses, hoop earrings, and pumps — feels inappropriate for, well, hiking.

Lady Gaga accompanied her new beau Christian Carino (who's also her agent) in Montauk, NY, for a walk in the woods. And while Christian wore sneakers, shorts, and a tee, it was game on for Gaga, who navigated the trails in style. Scroll on to take a look at the details, then let us know if there's any (literally any!) chance you'd show up for physical recreation in such an ensemble.