BRB, I'm Literally in the Clouds Dreaming About Louis Vuitton's New Accessories

Virgil Abloh presented his fourth Louis Vuitton show during Men's Fashion Week in Paris, where he revealed the Fall 2020 line to a whole slew of celebrities like Bella Hadid, who rocked a nostalgic look in the front row, Luka Sabbat, Tyga, and Diplo. The audience was prepared for a dreamy scene, which painted the picture of a modern working dude in 2020. Virgil was inspired by the LV craftsmen, so he blew up their tools, like scissors and paintbrushes, and peppered them across his runway in life size, so guests felt like they were living in a dream world.

Outfits were well-tailored and sleek, but ombré details and pops of hot pink quickly gave way to the clouds. The finale looks were bright blue skies come to life — ties, shoes, duffel bags, and trunk cases all getting the Lisa Frank treatment. That just speaks to the fact that we've all been paying homage to trends from the early aughts, so I guess Bella was dressed appropriately.

These accessories, though, will surely soar to the top of wish lists and become street style must haves. We can imagine the icicle-effect sunglasses on a real-life Queen Elsa, and the sky-blue oxfords with shearling velcro will end up on the most daring go-getters. Hopefully someone wears them on the red carpet.

As for me, I'm inclined to buy my future husband one of the LV cloud ties to wear on our wedding day, but I hope he knows I fully intend to steal it and wear it myself after we tie the knot. That's how covetable these Louis Vuitton outfit accoutrements are — your head's in the clouds dreaming about them until they're yours.

Louis Vuitton Menswear Show Cloud Accessories Fall 2020

Louis Vuitton Menswear Show Cloud Accessories Fall 2020