This Bride Wore a Wedding Dress Her Mother Designed — and It's Beautiful

Italian fashion designer Lucilla Bonaccorsi got married in Sicily and she wore a special gown to match the occasion. It was a strapless bespoke dress from her mother's fashion line, Luisa Beccaria, that featured embroidered lace all over. The bride covered up her shoulders with a matching lace bolero and wore a cathedral veil, which trailed behind her on the grass.

As the daughter of a fashion designer and an artist herself, Lucilla could not have chosen a more classic gown for a wedding in the Mediterranean. Once the party started, however, she switched into a romantic, fairytale dress complete with a flower crown on her head. As far as destination weddings go, we say Lucilla nailed it.

The Wedding Was Held in Sicily

Lucilla Bonaccorsi Wore a Strapless Ballgown

Her Bridesmaids All Wore Flower Crowns

And romantic floral dresses.

The Bride Covered Her Shoulders With a Lace Bolero

She Opted For a Long Cathedral Veil

The Garden For the Wedding Was So 'Gram Worthy


Long Tables and Candles Set the Scene For the Reception

The Bride Switched Into a Second White Dress

She Looked Like a Garden Fairy