I Want to Be Wearing That: Maddie Ziegler's "In Karl We Trust" Vintage Sweatshirt

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When Maddie Ziegler stepped out with friends to go holiday shopping in Beverly Hills, CA, she was wearing my ideal cozy Winter outfit: a cute hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. The 17-year-old reality TV star looked completely relaxed in her no-fuss getup, which was complete with dark blue mom jeans, white Nike Air Force 1s, and some thin silver rings. While this isn't exactly a complicated look to put together — anyone can do it — I think the key is finding some really neat, vintage-inspired throwovers like Maddie's to make a statement.

Obviously a fan of Chanel, Maddie opted for the "In Karl We Trust" graphic top from The Vintage Twin, which pays homage to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld, retails at $40, and is available online in gray, red, black, and navy blue. Even though I have a handful of sweatshirts I wear on repeat, after a while, they start to feel pretty tired. And anyway, I like to go for the designs that help me wear my heart on my sleeve.

Whether it's committing to a favorite designer or sports brand like Maddie did or just choosing a silly slogan, these help your personality shine through in an otherwise pretty basic outfit. Scroll through to see Maddie's style, then shop her sweatshirt, along with similar logo hoodies I'm into this season.

Shop clockwise from top left: Nino Nine Karl Lagerfeld Sweatshirt ($35), Urban Outfitters Natalia Charm Ring Set ($18), Pull&Bear Mom Jeans With Rolled Up Hems ($40), Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low Platform Sneaker ($100)

Maddie Ziegler Shopping With Friends in Beverly Hills

Maddie Ziegler Shopping With Friends in Beverly Hills