I Tried the Viral Nap Earrings That You Can Comfortably Wear to Bed

woman wearing maison miru nap earrings
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
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These days, I find myself confronted with a lot of late nights. Whether it's working longer into the evening on a story, losing track of time on a girl's night, or simply struggling to turn the TV off when I'm deep into binging a new series (I blame season two of "The Bear" for my latest batch of sleepless nights), my bedtime routine has been all out of sorts this summer and I've been desperately trying to get it back on track. Since I'm not quite willing to forgo my late-night TV habits, I figured my next best bet was simplifying my evening routine — which usually consists of me filling out my gratitude journal, working through my evening skin-care routine, and taking my earrings out to ensure my (barely) six hours of sleep aren't disrupted by any unwanted pokes or pinches in my skin. Evidently, I've discovered that there's actually a very practical (and chic) solution to forgetting the latter half of my routine altogether, and it comes in the form of the Maison Miru Everyday Nap Earrings Trio ($230, originally $245).

ICYMI: Maison Miru's viral nap earrings have been plastered all across social media over the last few months, with fashion influencers and jewelry-buffs alike all seemingly amazed at the hilariously simple (yet brilliant!) design of the accessory, which is fitted with flat backs — rather than the traditional slide-on back — and ensures you won't have to worry about the jewelry's metal bars poking or piercing the skin behind your ear. It's truly a modern marvel as far as fashion inventions go, and after a few months of testing out the nap earrings firsthand, I can confirm they're worth every bit of the internet hype. Keep reading for the full product details and to see photos of how the quirky accessory works.

What I Like About These Maison Miru Nap Earrings

First and foremost, I love how comfortable these nap earrings feel while on. I'm a very sensitive sleeper, so wearing earrings whenever I go to bed has always been out of the question. Even the most high-quality styles always poked or pierced the skin behind my ear, leaving it irritated, red, and often forcing me to forgo wearing earrings for several days just to ensure the skin had enough time to heal properly. I had my skepticisms about these nap earrings, especially considering how much pricier they are than the accessories I'm usually drawn to. But, much to my delight, they've exceeded all of my expectations and (as promised) have also allowed me to sleep more comfortably than I ever thought was possible (with a pair of earrings in, of course).

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

The accessory has a removable and flat back that can be pulled off of the base portion of the earring. Similar to any other earring style, you can simply insert the piece with the metal bar into your pierced ear lobe until it peeks through in the back, and then attach the flat back-piece accordingly. Thanks to its smooth design, the metal end is completely covered, which prevents it from poking or digging any deeper into the skin behind your ear. Best of all, the nap earrings are made from a medical-grade, premium metal material that won't tarnish, so you can easily wear them while you're sleeping or showering without having to worry about them showing too much wear over time.

I also appreciate that the earrings are available to shop in a wide array of styles and metals, so truly anyone can enjoy the benefits of the accessory — regardless of your personal style or metal preferences. From thin gold bars and crystal-encrusted studs to styles that feature unique stones, there's something for everyone to love.

What's Worth Noting

These earrings are incredibly delicate — as in, they're undoubtedly the most delicate piece of jewelry I've ever owned. Given their comfortable and lightweight nature, you could argue that this is to be expected — I mean, how else are you supposed to design earrings that can be comfortably worn while you're sleeping, showering, or even wearing headphones (the true test, in my opinion). While I anticipated they'd be smaller, I had no idea just how tiny these earrings would actually be. Because they're so miniscule, I've actually had trouble removing the back-clasp on the accessory, as the earrings are just too tiny to hold properly — and with acrylic nails, it's even trickier. If you're someone who prefers sporting longer nails (whether they're real or acrylic), I'd recommend avoiding these earrings as there's just no way to get a good enough grip on the accessory since they're so tiny. Additionally, you'll want to store them in a jewelry box or somewhere you won't lose them — the few times I dropped them or let them out of my sight, I had to literally crawl across the floor in order to retrieve them because they're so delicate and difficult to spot.

Another thing noted by reviewers is that the metal bar of the earring is much shorter compared to other styles. While I didn't personally find this to be a problem with my own ear, other shoppers have acknowledged their struggles with getting the earring all the way through their piercing, likely because their ear lobe is on the thicker side. I did notice that the nap earrings went into the first piercing on my lower ear lobe more seamlessly (likely because it's the softest and thinnest portion of my ear), whereas inserting the earrings into my second and third piercings required a bit more wiggling to achieve the perfect fit. Obviously, there's no way to guarantee they'll be the right size before you buy them, but if you're someone with thicker ear lobes, it's worth considering if these nap earrings would really be the right fit for you based off of reviews.

woman holding maison miru nap earrings
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Who Are These Maison Miru Nap Earrings Best For?

If you (like me) love wearing earrings but hate the hassle of having to take them out every time you go to bed or take a shower, these nap earrings are the perfect accessory for you — and despite their higher price tag, truly worth every penny.

Additional Details

  • These earrings are made from a premium quality medical grade titanium material that's durable and ensures the accessory won't tarnish over time — even if you wear them while sleeping, showering, or working out.
  • Unlike other earrings, this style is fitted with a flat back design that's smooth and doesn't poke into the skin behind your ear.
  • This particular earring trio is available to shop in two metals: gold (my style of choice) and silver.
  • If you'd prefer to shop out the individual earring sets rather than buying the full trio, you can purchase the styles separately via the Maison Miru Mini Crystal Trinity Nap Earrings ($95, originally $100), the Maison Miru Little Bar Nap Earrings ($75, originally $80), and the Maison Miru Celestial Crystal Nap Earrings ($75, originally $80).

Where Can I Buy These Maison Miru Nap Earrings?

These nap earrings are available to shop at Maison Miru.