Miss Piggy Reveals She Wears "High Heels With Pointed Toes" For 1 Hilarious Reason

While some stars take years to bounce back after a major (and majorly public) breakup, that's far from the case for Miss Piggy, who split from longtime love Kermit in August 2015. It turns out the Muppet is still enjoying the single life, even scoring herself a fancy new gig for the holidays: a fashion collaboration with Kate Spade New York.

Miss Piggy's pieces, which range from $48 to $378, almost all include one of her favorite sayings, "Who, moi?," and some even feature images of her face.

"I have a little something for everyone," Miss Piggy told us when caught up with her at Kate Spade's headquarters. "If you want something that sparkles, I've got that for you. If you run a little on the cool side, I have a sweater for ya. If you're always leaving things, forgetting things, wherever you go, I have a tote! It just depends on who you are."

But what if you, like Miss Piggy, are newly single and in need of advice? The Muppet has style advice for you, too.

"I always like to dress brightly," she said, noting that one of her biggest peeves about Kermit was that he never wore clothes. "I also like to wear very high heels with pointed toes after a breakup. You know, just in case I feel like I might want to kick something. I don't know about you, but this feeling comes over me a lot post-breakup."

Scroll through to see the pieces that were made with Miss Piggy in mind, then get ready to shop them come Dec. 1.