16 Handbags That Cost More Than Your Rent

Luxury bags are my ultimate guilty pleasure, and I dream of the day when I will finally get my hands on a Valentino Rockstud leather top handle. Much to the dismay of my boyfriend (I've told him that they're a good investment, but he won't believe me), I spend a lot of time drooling at pictures of my future babies online; and to this day, I still haven't taken the plunge. Why you ask? Well, the thought of buying something that costs more than my rent is — and you'll probably agree with me here — a little bit difficult.

These past few years, the luxury market has been booming, and with the ever-growing popularity and influence of social media, prices have only been increasing. Funnily enough, splurging on a $1,000+ handbag isn't quite as extraordinary as it used to be, and you'll find it quite difficult to discover a designer bag of decent size that doesn't go over that mark — trust me, I've looked everywhere.

So, in case you ever wondered what you could do with your money if you didn't have to pay for a roof over your head, here are 16 coveted designer creations that cost more than the average rent.


Hermès Kelly

The Hermès Kelly is the unicorn of handbags, and getting a new one is practically impossible. However, you can find some preloved ones with prices usually starting at the $13,000 mark.


Celine Classic Bag

The Cline Classic bag is priced at $3,250.


Valentino Lock Medium

The Valentino Lock medium bag is priced at $2,345.


Gucci Marmont

The Gucci Marmont bag is priced at $1,890.


Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag is priced at $2,140.


Dior Diorama

The prices for the Dior Diorama bag start at $2,800.


Saint Laurent Sunset

For the Saint Laurent Sunset bag, prices start at $1,550.


Celine Micro Belt Bag

The Céline Micro Belt bag is priced at $2,650.


Prada Cahier Small

The Prada Cahier small bag is priced at $2,660.


Chanel Classic Flap

Prices vary depending on the model available, but generally start at the $4,700 mark.


Bulgari Serpenti Forever

The Bulgari Serpenti Forever bag is priced at $2,000.


Chloé Nile

The Chlo Nile bag is priced at $1,550.


Gucci Dionysus

Prices for the Gucci Dionysus bag start at $2,400.


Valentino Rockstud Spike

The Valentino Rockstud Spike bag is priced at $2,795.