But Seriously, Where Can I Buy That Tweed Dress From Never Have I Ever?

Netflix's Never Have I Ever is certainly a must watch for its relatable humor, cultural exploration, and, of course, charming love interests. But in between giggling at Devi's awkward moments and relating to her family's struggles, I was zeroed in on these teen characters' style choices . . . most importantly, the outfit Devi models for Paxton's sister, Rebecca, in a last-minute "fashion emergency."

While I'm far from being a teenager, I was absolutely obsessed with Devi's yellow tweed dress (and matching booties). I mean, are we really supposed to believe that a young teen designed this daring yet polished outfit?! Though we only get a peek of one look from Rebecca's collection in episode eight, thankfully, Never Have I Ever's costume designer, Salvador Pérez Jr., recently shared more where that came from.

Pérez posted a carousel of photos featuring the full 2020 Rebecca Hall-Yoshida Collection on his Instagram, which includes a whole lot of tweed, hearts, and color. In the caption, the designer explained that he "designed very simple and sweet pieces that a teen girl could have made herself." And if you're a big Mindy Kaling fan, you might have noticed that Pérez used leftover clothing from The Mindy Project to create Rebecca's collection. "I think @target should market the collection!" he added. So, seriously, who can I talk to about buying these pieces for myself? Check out these amazing outfits below.