Off-White's Runway Was a Mix of Athleticwear, Neon, and Big Ballgowns

When Off-White's Spring 2019 show kicked off in Paris on Thursday, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner appeared first, walking side by side in bright, white looks. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't the only treat Virgil Abloh had in store for us: a variety of Nike-checked athleticwear followed, as well as full-body jumpsuits, lots of neon, must-have jackets, and even a few fanny packs. Then — whoa — we saw it. A full, ruffled skirt that wouldn't feel too out of place at a wedding, making its way down the track-inspired runway. Then another, this time with a hint of neon. By the end, there were so many billowing, ruffled pieces (which had been expertly paired with tight, sporty tops) that we really couldn't believe our eyes.

It's worth taking a look at every item for yourself. We've no doubt that the top models who showed off these fancy designs in the first place will end up wearing them on the red carpet. We're just waiting for that moment when someone shows off those sneaker heels.