What to Wear When You Have to Get Dressed For a Zoom Meeting in Under 3 Minutes

Dressing up for a Zoom meeting can be a bit tricky, especially if it's for work and not catching up with friends. Lucky for you, we've rounded up some ideas for both situations, and they're easier than you think. The one plus to meetings that are online and not in person is that you only have to dress up from the waist up. You can be business on the top and cozy on the bottom à la Mindy Kaling. She posted a relatable photo of herself while working from home wearing a sophisticated vest over a button-down shirt. Rather than styling her shirt with a pair of trousers, she opted for comfy pajama pants and fuzzy slides. Since nobody can see what you're wearing on the bottom, why not stay comfortable?

If you don't really feel like getting dressed up and want to just make a simple T-shirt look presentable, think about adding a couple of accessories. You can throw on a pair of statement-making glasses, wear cool earrings, or even tie up your hair with a fun scrunchie for a little bit of flair. Keep reading to see 15 easy things you can do to get ready for your next Zoom meeting.

Dress up your WFH outfit with a cute headband.

Look business professional with a button-up shirt and blazer.

Wear loungewear separates in muted tones.

Brighten things up with a colorful blazer.

Make your earrings the focal point of your outfit.

Style a blazer with shorts and thigh-high boots if you want to dress up.

A necklace can make even a simple white shirt look cool.

You can throw a cozy cardigan over any outfit to make it look put-together.

Choose a shirt with a collar to make a statement.

Accessorize with cute hair scrunchies.

Throw your sweater over your shoulders for a fresh look.

Slip into a cozy sweater dress for a simple yet chic look.

Choose a pair of bold glasses for your meeting.

Look business on the top in a button-down shirt and cozy on the bottom in a pair of pajama pants.