16 Fashion-Girl-Approved Ways to Show Off Your Stylish Tattoo

POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Barnes
POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Barnes

You've taken the plunge and gotten your very first stylish tattoo. Congrats! Before you consider 'gramming it, however, it's important to set the scene — you need the right lighting and outfit. Whether that means accessorizing your finger tat with rings (we're looking at you, songdani) or wearing the perfect dress to show off a back tattoo, a great outfit will help highlight your tattoo. So if you're wondering just what to wear, read on for some seriously stylish inspiration.

To Show Off Your Inner-Wrist Tattoo

Wear a watch.

To Show Off Your Ankle Tattoo

Wear a pair of cropped jeans.

To Show Off Your Hip Tattoo

Wear a cropped shirt.

To Show Off Your Leg Tattoo

Go for a pair of heavily destroyed denim.

To Show Off a Tattoo on the Spine

Wear a backless top.

To Show Off Your Watercolor Tattoo

Match your outfit to the colors of your ink.

To Show Off Your Wrist Tattoo

Pile on the bracelets.

To Show Off Your Rib Tattoo

Skip wearing a bra with your top or dress.

To Show Off Your Bicep Tattoo

Wear a short-sleeved t-shirt.

To Show Off Your Thigh Tattoo

Master the lampshading trend.

To Show Off Your Inner-Arm Tattoo

Roll up the sleeve of your sweater.

To Show Off Your Collarbone Tattoo:

Wear a scooped-neckline top.

To Show Off Your Sexy Thigh Tattoo

Wear nothing. We mean, wear your Calvins.

To Show Off Your Foot Tattoo

Step into your favorite pair of pumps.