Everything Paris Hilton Has Ever Said About Her Dream Wedding Dress

The first time we had the pleasure of seeing Paris Hilton in a wedding dress was in the 2008 film The Hottie and the Nottie (see above). But the star's been very vocal about what type of bridal look she imagines walking down the aisle in, and it seems like her style hasn't strayed much over the past few years. While she was previously engaged to actor Chris Zylka, Paris is now with entrepreneur and venture capitalist Carter Reum, and he just put a stunning new ring on her finger! We're not sure when Paris and Carter will get married, but we do know a few details about Paris's fashion sense and have gathered some of her most memorable bridal quotes. It's seeming like when Paris ties the knot, she'll be in quite the magical gown — and we can expect an afterparty look, too. Scroll ahead to refresh your memory about Paris's dream dress.

Paris Wore a Retrofête Dress For Her Engagement

The design featured a high leg slit and beads to match her crystal-embellished mesh gloves and Loschy crown. Of course, it also played up the real stunner: her engagement ring designed by Jean Dousset, the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier. The ring is named after Paris and structured to resemble the vaulted glass ceiling of the Grand Palais in the city she was named after, so we imagine her wedding dress will be just as classic and extravagant. "It was the kind of proposal I had always dreamed of," Paris wrote on her website.

She's Inspired by Disney Princesses

"I definitely want it to be very magical. I love Disney princess vibes," Paris told People in 2018 of her wedding-dress vision back then. Though that was a few years ago, Paris has consistently posted photos of herself in tulle ball gowns, and this caption, "Little girls with dreams become women with vision," suggests she's still very much in line with that inspiration.

Jeremy Scott Was Previously Going to Design Her Afterparty Dress
Getty | Astrid Stawiarz

Jeremy Scott Was Previously Going to Design Her Afterparty Dress

Paris confirmed she had many designers sending over sketches for her 2018 wedding dress, but she told People her longtime friend Jeremy Scott was going to make her afterparty look: "Jeremy Scott and I were talking about the after party look because he has just been my friend since I was a teenager and he would make the perfect after party dress," she said. "So that is one little hint I'll give! I'm friends with too many designers. Everyone wants to be a part of [my wedding]."

Just Like Her Sister, She's Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's Bridal Look
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Just Like Her Sister, She's Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's Bridal Look

When Nicky Hilton-Rothschild got married in 2015, she wore a Valentino wedding dress with a high neckline inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. "I'm really inspired by Princess Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. I thought they looked so classic and elegant and beautiful. I definitely want it to be a very timeless and elegant look," Paris told Cosmopolitan in 2018 of the wedding dress she'd always pictured, adding that she was interested in modest details. Paris wished both her sister and Elizabeth Taylor a happy wedding anniversary in 2020 with this post.