A Day in the Life of Christopher Griffin, aka Plant Kween

Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels
Photo Illustration: Michelle Alfonso
Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels
Photo Illustration: Michelle Alfonso

When it comes to the term "influencer," first thoughts usually surround fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. You rarely hear of the success of other categories, but Christopher Griffin is changing that narrative. Griffin, AKA Plant Kween, is an Brooklyn-based Black, queer, non-binary influencer and the author of "You Grow, Gurl!". They are taking over the fashion and holistic spaces, sharing their never-ending love for nature, self-care tips, and building community.

"As I've dived into the world of horticulture and explored the rich diversity of lushness that exists [on the planet], it has definitely motivated me to be more playful and expansive with how I want to show up in the world."

While their popular Instagram account is only seven years old, their passion for plants runs deep. It all started when they were growing up, spending time with their grandmother, who they describe as the original plant queen. "When I was about six years old, my grandmother and I would take day trips out to her favorite nurseries in Philadelphia," Griffin tells POPSUGAR. "I became fascinated by the idea that we could take a small piece of the jungle home with us, nourish it, and watch it grow. Whenever I was visiting her green oasis of a home, she'd remind me to water the green gurls I'd picked out. She was nurturing the nurturer she saw in me."

Nearly half a million followers later, Plant Kween is one of our generation's most respected plant connoisseurs and continues to spread joy through a recent collaboration with distinguished hospitality brand Kimpton Hotels of IHG Hotels & Resorts' luxury & lifestyle portfolio. For their new Kimpton Plant Pals program that allows guests to have a plant directly delivered to their rooms during stays, Griffin carefully curated a unique selection of regionally sourced plants for all to enjoy. "Some of the options include a prickly pear cactus in San Francisco, English Ivy at European Kimpton locations and pothos in the Asia Pacific region," they say. "This program emphasizes plants native to each hotel's region, with a subtle educational component. It allows folks a moment to dive into what eco-conscious gardening could look like for them, while enjoying the lushness in their hotel room."

Griffin also makes the connection between plants and fashion, sharing that Mother Nature is the best style muse. "Plants are wondrous, resilient, beautiful and inspiring green lil creatures," they explain. "As I've dived into the world of horticulture and explored the rich diversity of lushness that exists [on the planet], it has definitely motivated me to be more playful and expansive with how I want to show up in the world."

On their journey to being the next "Black queer non-binary David Attenborough" as they put it, Griffin still manages to make time for what's even more important than being a plant parent — themselves. Below, they give us a peek into their daily schedule, collaborating with Kimpton, and the future of Plant Kween.

Kimpton Hotels

7 a.m.: Wake Up

Griffin starts their mornings with a routine that takes up to two hours if they take their time. Before really starting their day, they drink water and stretch to get ready for the full routine.

7:15 a.m.: Morning Routine

They play calming instrumental music and eat an apple as they check in on what they affectionally call their "green gurls," and proceed to start a 45-minute bike ride. Their workout is followed by a skincare routine, breakfast and vitamins, and a hygiene routine to ease into the work day.

Kimpton Hotels

9:15 a.m.: Work

Although they don't have the average 9 to 5 work day, they try to work traditional hours, starting with a glance at the calendar and checking emails. Then, they create a to-do list to stay as organized and productive as possible. When asked to give advice to other content creators, they say: "Make sure your creative work makes you happy, first and foremost. You should enjoy what you are creating, and if you love it, folks will fall in love with it as well. Be consistent, collaborative, playful, and authentic and unapologetic in your truth."

12 p.m.: Lunch

Griffin usually takes lunch in the afternoons, with a unique layout. They eat for the first 30 minutes, followed by a 20-minute nap. Lastly, they do a quick yoga session for 10 minutes before they're back on the clock.

1 p.m.: Back to Work

The second half of their work days are consumed by meetings, then they end the day with calm activities for balance. "After work I'm usually going to a social event, hanging out with friends, or having some me time," they say.

Kimpton Hotels

6 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Dinner

As an avid supporter of the healthy and holistic lifestyle, Griffin's on a journey to go fully vegan, usually eating meals that help with the transition.

12 a.m.: Bedtime Routine

Griffin's night time routine is the epitome of the "soft life." They enjoy a warm bubble bath as Sade plays in the background, followed by an evening skincare routine. Finally, they relax in bed while catching up on some reading or watching their favorite shows.

Griffin has some exciting plans for the future of their brand. "I want to be the next Black queer non-binary David Attenborough, so dahling prepare to see this kween out and about existing in her truth and providing education and accessible pathways for folks to reconnect with nature."