Prabal Gurung Shows Us What a Feminist Looks Like in 2017

Fashion with a side of activism, or maybe the other way around. Prabal Gurung's Fall '17 lineup is both a literal and subversive call to action, and the results brought show-goers to their feet on Sunday night at Fashion Week.

It began like any other show, though the soundtrack seemed particularly on-point. Feminist anthems like "Respect" and "You Don't Own Me" set the scene, while a parade of womanly dresses, luxe knits, and sharp suiting hit the runway, dotted with pops of bright color, then silvery metallics. It was as if to say, women have so many choices, you can wear anything you want — a celebration of feminism in all of its strong, sweet, sexy glory. The models, too, were a celebration of womanhood in the many forms it takes — a diverse showing of colors and sizes, and the inclusivity we're so desperate for in the industry.

The beautiful clothes that are a hallmark of Prabal's brand almost took a backseat to the designer's thoughtful message. When the lights dimmed, "Imagine" played softly, while models reappeared, all dressed in t-shirts, printed with poignant quotes: "love is the resistance," "break down walls," "I am an immigrant," "I have a dream," "we will not be silenced," and, finally, Prabal took his bow in a shirt that read, "this is what a feminist looks like." Suffice it to say, when we shop the collection, we're going to need a few of these tees, too.