Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding Bee Brooch Actually Has a Special Meaning

Princess Eugenie's royal wedding was one to remember, especially when it came to the wedding guest outfits. One dress we were particularly found of? Princess Beatrice's gorgeous indigo bridesmaid dress. For her sister's big day, Beatrice paired her outfit with a diamond-encrusted bee brooch.

While you may have not given the brooch much thought at first, it supposedly has a hidden meaning. (No, it has nothing to do with Beyoncé!) Many are speculating that she wore it to symbolize her family because the insect is a common motif in weddings that represents family, growth, love, and life.

Another theory is that while the British royal family is part of the Church of England, the bee symbol actually has a significance in the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. The St. Peter's Basilica canopy, which was designed by Italian architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini for Pope Urban VIII, also features many bee motifs. It's also seen on the pope's family's armor, which is said to symbolize hard work and eloquence. Read on to get a closer look ahead.