Rihanna's Dior Sunglasses Are Edgy as Ever — and Ready to Shop

You can tell when Rihanna's responsible for designing an item for a brand. Her edgy and boundary-pushing style has led her to not only create a signature collection for Puma but also now a selection of sunglasses for Christian Dior. The metalized shades are designed with clean lines and reflective lenses and come in colors from neon green to rose gold.

Simply named "Rihanna," the futuristic-looking sunnies are exactly what one would expect from the singer. Rihanna appears to be as obsessed with them as we already are and has been sporting them with any outfit. The singer paired the frames with a simple triangle bikini and was later seen wearing a different-colored shade with a sporty black vest, proving these shades make a versatile statement. Read ahead for a glimpse of all the sunglasses, and then shop your favorite pairs from the collection.

Exclusive "Rihanna" Sunglasses, Red (available at Dior Boutiques)

Exclusive "Rihanna" Sunglasses, Green (available at Dior Boutiques)

Exclusive "Rihanna" Sunglasses, Pink (available at Dior Boutiques)

Exclusive "Rihanna" Sunglasses, Blue (available at Dior Boutiques)