Sarah Jessica Parker's Favorite Shoe Moment From SATC Is Not What You Would Expect

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There's a reason fashion fiends still obsess over Sex and the City. The show was packed with over-the-top style inspiration — and most importantly, lots and lots of really good shoes. And while the program's star, Sarah Jessica Parker, made plenty of memories in her Manolos, she recently revealed that one moment trumps them all.

Sarah told Harper's Bazaar, "I think the one that people remember, love and talk about a lot is the moment she sees the Manolo Mary Janes in the Vogue closet and says, 'Oh my God, I thought this was an urban myth.'" Yes, out of the hundreds of shoes SJP wore over the years, it's a pair of slick pointy-toed pumps that she'll never forget. She went on to explain that she actually owned a pair of the elusive shoes herself too, "mine were soaked from the rain, and I had run city blocks in those shoes. When Carrie said that line, I was like, 'I get it!'"

While now SJP's Sex and the City days are behind her, the actress is busy with an award-winning shoe line that any style zealot would covet. Read on to see the encounter with the "urban myth shoes" along with a few similar styles we think Carrie Bradshaw would totally flip for.

The "Urban Myth" Manolos

The "Urban Myth" Manolos

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The Moment in the Closet