There's Another Reason to Tune Into Scream Queens, and It Stars With an H

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Last year, we fell in love, and it wasn't with a person. Rather, it was with a show — Scream Queens, to be exact — along with the iconic characters, hilarious dialogue, and, of course, the fashion. It's the costumes that keep us coming back week after week, with furry coats, pink capes, and even earmuffs that totally worth coveting. And since we can't truly live in this land of make-believe and masked murderers? (A blessing in disguise, clearly.) We definitely plan on dressing like it — and adding items inspired by Chanel and her crew to our holiday list.

So whether you're dying to dress like the queen bee — err, C — or know someone who tunes in every Tuesday night, scroll through to see the stylish items that would make any Scream Queens fan happy. With holiday gifts this good, it's practically Chanel-'o-Ween.

A Pink Blazer That Mixes Girly With Professional

A Pink Blazer That Mixes Girly With Professional