20 Statement Tops That Understand Exactly How We Feel

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What you wear can say a lot about you, so don't take it lightly when we say you need a statement top that really tells it like it is. Yes, you'll always need a fancy dress and a classic button-down, but there are plenty of occasions where something a little sassier (and, well, comfortable) is the best way to get your point across. It doesn't matter if you're headed out to dinner or you're spending all day curled up on the couch, these tops express what you're really feeling — because honesty is the best policy, after all.

And since we're being honest, there will always be the days when we do nothing but nap, watch Netflix, and eat pizza, and that's more than OK — in fact, it's fabulous. So find the statement top that speaks to you, and put it on the next time you're feeling a little misunderstood. From the frank, to the funny, to the just plain absurd, these tees and sweatshirts keep it real, just like you. Scroll through for 20 hilarious finds that you can wear loud and proud.