5 Essential Pairs of Sneakers We Promise You Need in Your Closet

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Sneakers are like jeans — you can easily think of an excuse to buy another pair, but you do always go back to your favorites. Even if you swear you wear all 42 of those styles sitting at the bottom of your closet, from your most prized designer collab ever purchased to the standard, everyday Vans, you really don't need them all — we promise. In fact, we were able to narrow down the essential sneakers to just five key silhouettes/colorways (yup, five): white sneakers, high-tops, slip-ons, trainers, and personality-infused kicks.

If you're a sneakerhead, you probably fear this list is a bit short (and we hear you — there are definitely some great shoes out there!), but with the flexibility to shop the brands you love most, you're not going to feel like something's missing when it comes to the footwear section of your wardrobe. Ahead, we're breaking down the must haves and providing you with at least three options at a range of price points for every single category. Keep reading to see them all, and also get a few styling tips while you're at it.


Vintage High-Tops

Invest in a cool pair of Jordans, Chucks, or any other high-tops you may covet (perhaps from a collaboration you really loved), and wear them until you can't wear them anymore. These will be your go-to when it's a simple tee and jeans type of day.

. . . Or Low-Tops

It's totally cool if you're not a high-tops kind of person, but keeping an eye-catching hero sneaker with an OG logo and retro twist will come in handy.


Sporty Trainers

Even though you might style them with sweats from time to time, you should also be able to hit the gym in these sneaks, so make sure they're supportive and functional.


Slip-On Sneakers

When we were kids, sneakers with laces were the sophisticated option, but these days, slip-ons offer an elevated appeal to our most simplistic outfits. Go for a black-and-white pair and you'll be surprised how often you turn to these luxe-looking shoes.


White Sneakers

Whether you prefer a chunky style or something more streamlined with a bit of a platform, an all-white iteration will definitely be worth your while, especially when the rest of your outfit has pops of color.


Personality Kicks

OK, you also need that one sneaker that almost becomes synonymous with your style, just because the shoe is so you. Maybe it's the colorway that aligns with the rest of your wardrobe or the material (you're such a suede person!), but these should be the sneakers that really put a pep in your step because you love them more than anything.