Alice + Olivia Cofounder Stacey Bendet Explains How She Runs Her Brand's Instagram Account

Beyond the pretty pictures, Instagram is a business tool, and one that drives success to many fashion brands. It gives consumers who have never shopped a particular brand a feel for its style and values and long-time fans of it a first look at its latest designs. Alice + Olivia cofounder Stacey Bendet understands this and quickly adjusts her social media strategies as the app advances and develops new features. Bendet explained her tactics while on the "When Confidence Calls" panel at POPSUGAR Play/Ground.

"I'm a big Instagram user, but it's really changed over the last 10 years," she said. "I used to look at Instagram as a look inside the Alice + Olivia world. It was what I was wondering, what we were doing; it was really, really organic. Then, when Stories launched, I had this sort of, like, midlife Instagram crisis."

From there, Stacey began to reevaluate how she promotes her brand on its account. She restructured how she used her feed's grid. "What I really try to do now is cultivate our main page almost like my own personal art gallery of beautiful Alice + Olivia imagery," she said. Though how she uses her feed has changed, she refuses to sacrifice the brand's realness.

"I think that Stories format has become really important to our brand," she said. "It's also just a really real look into what's happening into my fashion looks."

Bendet revealed that she is directly behind the Instagram account, but she doesn't work alone. She's employed a team that creates content across multiple channels for her company. See her strategies in action on her brand's account, and check out the pictures from her panel at POPSUGAR Play/Ground ahead.