Normani, Justine Skye, and Sydney Sweeney Tell Us the Story of Their Steve Madden Shoes

Steve Madden is throwing it back to the '90s by reinventing the brand's old "Big Head" ads — this time starring Normani, Sydney Sweeney, Justine Skye, Nessa Barrett, and Jordan Alexander. All five women were digitally scanned and then morphed into virtual avatars for videos that showcase their favorite shoes and also introduce customers to the interactive #SteveMaddenverse, a new program on the retailer site. These artists were selected to empower the new generation, but of course, they all have memories of wearing Steve Madden while growing up that makes them feel nostalgia for the iconic brand and what it's meant to them throughout the years.

POPSUGAR talked to Normani, Sydney, Justine, Nessa, and Jordan about their own personal experiences with Steve Madden, which you can enjoy after you push play and see which shoe everyone picked for their avatar. FYI: Normani's in the Cloak-R, a padded stiletto boot covered in rhinestones; Sydney's in the Twice Pink Patent Mary-Jane with a block heel; Justine chose Vava thigh-highs; Jordan sporty Maxima sneakers; and Nessa the Duke30 with a triangle wedge platform and shaft that hits at the shin — perhaps the most '90s-inspired silhouette of them all. You can also click through to discover even more of their favorite products at


"Steve Madden has been such a huge presence and force in fashion through my childhood, so it was an easy yes when asked to be part of this."

Sydney Sweeney

"My mom and I grew up loving [Steve Madden] shoes, so much so that my mom continues to get her favorite pair of boots resoled over and over throughout the years!"

Justine Skye

"I think the Steve Madden brand reflects confidence, and that's something that exudes in my own personal style. My first Steve Madden shoe was a simple black strappy heel. I felt super grown even though I absolutely wasn't. I think I was like 17 or 18, going to a birthday party or something like that. I remember I was wearing this cute short black dress with some sequins on it, OMG. Tryna keep it simple but stylish."

Jordan Alexander

"Partnering with Steve Madden has been an experience like no other. I've definitely found a home in the Madden-verse! Going in for the scan was the craziest thing I've ever done. It was so futuristic. It was absolutely pouring rain in New York that day, so it felt even more intense. The real Matrix experience. The level of ingenuity and creativity is so strong throughout this campaign, from top to bottom, filled with passionate people wanting to push boundaries in search of the new and exciting."

Nessa Barrett

"I'm beyond thrilled to be partnered with Steve Madden, as Steve Madden is a big part of my wardrobe, so to be able to represent the brand through a global campaign is a dream. The digital world we built really is an extension of my personality, and I'm excited for everyone to finally see it!"

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Watch the Digital #SteveMaddenverse Come to Life