Unstoppable Duos — Sisters Taking Over Instagram's Fashion World

Sisters will simultaneously serve as your biggest fans and harshest critics — out of love, of course. Fashion is no exception. With the impressive impact of social media in shaping and driving current trends, these duos are taking advantage of outlets like Instagram to create a name for themselves. Their sharpened sense of style (which many accredit to their partners in crime) garners a special place in the fashion industry for these sisters. This set features brand cofounders, models, bloggers, and musicians who will fill your feed with fresh inspiration for your next outfit.


Aimee Song (@songofstyle) & Dani Song (@songdani)

Separately, you'll be impressed by Dani's street style and Aimee's feminine touch, but when you catch a photo of them together, it's easy to understand how the duo's unique blend has them flawlessly owning the fashion world.


Their influential network and entrepreneurship skills land them partnerships with brands like Louis Vuitton, Chloé, and Michael Kors.


Turning their love for fashion and style into full-time jobs, the sisters' impact stretches far beyond Instagram from personal lifestyle blogs (Dani Song and Song of Style) and established businesses (Anarchy Street and Two Songs).


Corianna & Brianna Dotson (@cocoandbreezy)

If you're familiar with Prince's three-lens sunglasses on his album cover, you may know the creators, Corianna and Brianna (better known as Coco and Breezy). Their adventurous taste doesn't stop at just eyewear though. The sisters combine experimental pieces with statement accessories to create truly striking looks.


The two started off on social media, posting pictures of frames they would embellish themselves. While they didn't know their careers would end up in the eyewear industry, they knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs.


Their Instagram feed is littered with androgynous looks artfully captured on the streets or behind a DJ table, and also features customers of their eyewear.


Valentina Ferragni (@valentinaferragni) & Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

The creator of The Blonde Salad and a self-made business woman, Chiara is noted to be the leading Italian fashion blogger. Her sister, Valentina, cites her as a source of inspiration as she follows in her footsteps.


With over 13.5 million followers on Instagram, Chiara's beginnings as a law student with an outfit blog evolved into a complete lifestyle brand and business.


Valentina, on the other hand, graduated with a degree in advertising and communication, and proves she's more than just a pretty face on Instagram. At 25, she already released her own bikini line and partnered with major brands like Levi's and Guess.


Natalie Lim Suarez (@natalieoffduty) & Dylana Lim Suarez (@dylanasuarez)

A look into these two's Instagram pages and you'll wish you had your own sister to proclaim as your best friend. Their dreamy attitudes and limitless ambition leads to their establishment as models, writers, bloggers, stylists, photographers, and musicians.


California girls currently taking on New York City, they utilize their blogs (Natalie Off Duty and Dylana Suarez) to record stories of their travels and inspirations.


What we can't get enough of is, no matter how many projects they take on or brands they partner with, they never fail to shoutout and credit each other!


Cipriana Quann (@ciprianaquann) and TK Wonder (@tk_wonder)

Cipriana and TK Wonder defy the boundaries of the "All-American" beauty, and they're proud of it. They understand the power of social media and use the network to encourage a new definition that promotes inclusiveness and self-awareness. Their style is no exception with their dramatic, yet edgy outfits.


Cipriana is the cofounder and Editor-in-Chief of Urban Bush Babes, a blog catered towards the support of diversity through topics like fashion, hair, culture, and art. While TK Wonder does hold the position of executive contributor for the blog, her profession also includes being a singer/songwriter.


We can't get enough of how much love they show on Instagram! TK Wonder constantly supports her sister's blog while Cipriana is pretty much her twin's biggest fan.


Stephanie & Melissa Valenzuela (@thefashioncitizen)

Better known collectively as The Fashion Citizen, the twins from Arizona are practically the queens of thrift shopping as they inspire new and original looks with their fresh take on secondhand pieces.


YouTube is a major channel for them to show off their new pieces, share thrifting secrets, and curate outfit ideas for their followers.


Through Instagram, they keep their posing and editing style original, and make sure both sisters have a chance to exhibit their individual styles.


Simi & Haze Khadra (@simihaze)

You may spot them on Kylie Jenner or Selena Gomez's page, but the sisters definitely hold their own in the entertainment industry as DJs and style icons.


With a clear ode to the nineties, their bold taste will serve as encouragement to step outside your fashion comfort zone.


Rima & Dina Zahran (@dinzsisters)

Designers on a mission, the sisters strive to be positive influences for their loyal customers and produce pieces for their brand, Dinz, that are a reflection of themselves: feminine and strong.


Constantly throwing in inspirational quotes as captions, they understand how powerful social media can be for developing a brand.


We can't forget how amazing their color coordination is. The bright colors on their feed alone will uplift your mood!


Amelia & Elisa Ochoa (@sisterlystyle)

Every outfit posted makes a statement and proves you don't need an occasion to wear your best pieces. A combination of cool and sophisticated, these sisters are fearless on the streets.


With a joint blog, they not only document fashion, but also beauty, travel, and lifestyle inspiration, while putting an emphasis on healthy living.


The attention to detail and abundant picks of tasteful prints will light up your feed, and always gives something for your eyes to study.


Aspyn Ovard (@aspynovard) & Avrey Ovard (@avreyovard)

YouTube channels started their careers, but Instagram plays an important role as they amass a sizable audience on each media platform. With over two million followers collectively, we can't help but notice the mutual influence!


Filling her closet with dresses and floral prints, Aspyn's feed will teach you a lesson or two about keeping bright and flirty, even during the Winter season.


At just 16, Avrey's fashion sense transcends what's expected of her age. On Instagram, she exhibits an edgier personal style from her sister, and isn't afraid to leverage her quirkiness in photos for a more youthful feed.


Sydney Carlson (@sydneylcarlson) & Devon Carlson (@devonleecarlson)

These two gorgeous ladies will heat up your feed with their daring confidence and captivating presence. Their company, Wildflower Cases, has been seen on the phones of stars like Miley Cyrus and Madison Pettis.


Sydney's style undoubtedly sends a sexier grunge vibe as she channels trends from the nineties. While more minimal than her sister, she's an expert on making single pieces the star of the show.


If you couldn't tell, Devon exudes an effervescent vibe and her constant smile is nothing short of contagious. You'll find animal print, oversize blazers, and funky patterns all over her page as she's seemingly celebrating every moment of life in the photos.