Not-Your-Average Sweater Dresses For Not-So-Average Girls

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If we told you we were into sweater dresses for Fall, that would be so blah of us. But we could never argue with the luxe appeal of throwing on a cozy jumper when we're feeling lazy. In fact, we have plenty of sweater dresses already hanging in our closet for just such days.

But it's time for a change. We're looking for designs that feel like more of a complete look — whether we add tights, pair these with our go-to Chelsea boots or eye-catching jewelry and heels for a night out. So we browsed through the best of them and sorted the most eye-catching designs into five unique categories. Needless to say, it's impossible to feel tired in these sweater dresses. Lazy days, be gone. Source: Getty

The Statement Print Sweater Dress

The Statement Print Sweater Dress

Gap Stripe Sweater Dress ($45, originally $65)