This Unretouched Swimsuit Ad Will Make You Feel #SorryNotSorry About Your Bikini Bod

Model Denise Bidot is a single mom who feels confident in her swimsuit, whether she's got on a leopard-print bikini or a cutout one-piece. Like many women, she also has cellulite, stretch marks, and curves — and she's not apologizing for showing them off.

In her new campaign for swimwear label swimsuitsforall, Bidot's mantra is "Beach Body. Not Sorry." Her goal is to help more women embrace every line of their beautiful, unique figures. Not only does her ad show off undeniably sexy bathing suits we're dying to get our hands on, it also expands the definition of what it means to be a model.

Read on to watch the swimsuitsforall video, lensed by Michael Cogliantry, and see all the shots from Bidot's campaign. They're not only gorgeous, but more importantly, a step in the right direction for the fashion industry.

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