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Tessa Thompson's Suit in the Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

Twitter Is Losing It Over Tessa Thompson's Power Suit in the Thor Trailer

Tessa Thompson's Suit in the Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

The official trailer for Marvel Studios' "Thor: Love and Thunder" is finally out, and Tessa Thompson's outfit immediately stole the spotlight. Even though the actress is only visible for a split second, her costume made a lasting impression, inspiring plenty of positive reactions on social media.

The actor, who plays Valkyrie in the movie, is spotted in the trailer wearing a dark pinstripe suit with bold shoulders that are reminiscent of the '80s. She styles the outfit with a crisp white collared shirt, a matching striped vest, and a deep burgundy tie. She wears her hair pulled back and accessorizes the bold suit with a few gold rings.

Twitter users started praising Thompson's power suit almost as soon as the trailer was released. One such tweet from Joi Childs, who works in the Editorial and Publishing department of NetflixFilm, read simply, "I want this suit. I need this suit." Honestly? Same, Childs, same. Another fan tweeted, "put tessa thompson in a suit and it'll get everyone screaming."

Marvel's "Thor: Love and Thunder" is the fourth installment of the Thor series, and it follows our beloved character, played by Chris Hemsworth, as he declares that his "superhero-ing days are over." The minute-and-a-half clip, which is set to Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine," begins with Thor declaring his retirement, just after the fall of his kingdom Asgard in the last Avengers film. Ahead, get a closer look at Thompson's outfit and watch the full trailer.

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