22 Signs You Are a Legitimate Fashion Girl

Don't expect your mom, your guy friends, or your significant others to "get" your love for overalls or #ootd selfies. There are some things only your fashion friends will understand.

Since we spend a lot of time discussing exactly these kinds of things, we've put together something of a list to celebrate the fashion-girl things we all do. They may seem strange to other people, but to us, they're totally normal. So, if you've got a style-obsessed friend, or if you are that friend, this one's for you.

Getty | Kirstin Sinclair

  1. You own six pairs of sneakers, and none are actually the kind you'd work out in.
  2. You were wearing crop tops in 2011, despite your disapproving friends. Now, you can barely resist saying “I told you so” (we don’t blame you).
Getty | Christian Vierig

  1. Your significant other is also your blog photographer.
  2. You surprise your friends all the time with your superchic, totally on-trend pieces that are actually just Zara.
Getty | Timur Emek

  1. There’s always a party on your arm.
  2. You take pride in the fact that you can identify pieces celebrities are wearing.
Getty | Timur Emek

  1. To you, the “ugly shoe trend” is just downright chic.
  2. You're totally into the mom-jeans trend, your S.O.’s opinion be damned.
Getty | Kirstin Sinclair

  1. You’re the girl all your friends come to when a new trend pops up: “overalls, yay or nay?” (yay, duh!).
  2. You have no qualms about wearing a romper or jumpsuit, even if it means you're basically naked every time you use the restroom.

  1. You’ve left work for a "doctor's appointment" as an excuse to get to a sample sale.
  2. You think, who needs to bake when the oven doubles as extra closet space?
Getty | Timur Emek

  1. The space under your desk is littered with alternate shoes to change into.
  2. You’ll happily suffer in five-inch heels for the sake of a great outfit. Hey, “no pain, no gain."

  1. You can’t get out of bed to go the gym in the morning, but you’ll happily set a 3 a.m. alarm to shop the latest Target or H&M collaboration.
  2. You use your bookshelves to display your shoes and bags, but your coffee table is stacked with glossy fashion books.
Getty | Caroline McCredie

  1. You firmly believe that no outfit is complete without the right sunglasses.
  2. The credit card company calls you about fraudulent charges when you actually use it at the grocery store.

  1. Your go-to halloween costumes include: Grace, Jenna, and Iris (#justlikeIris).
  2. You have no problem with pajama dressing outside the house.
Getty | Timur Emek

  1. You’re not above asking perfect strangers “where did you get that?” to track down an item you want.
  2. Likewise, perfect strangers often stop you to ask you where you got that top (bag, those shoes, jeans, etc).