Hillary Clinton Agrees: Tory Burch's "Embrace Ambition" PSA Is Powerful as Hell

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In honor of Women's History Month, the Tory Burch Foundation just launched a global campaign that's empowering as hell. Dubbed "Embrace Ambition," the initiative kicked off with a powerful PSA encouraging women to be persistent in chasing their goals and dreams. The inspiring video, which can be viewed above, is chock-full of celebrities, from entertainment stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kerry Washington to fashion moguls like Anna Wintour and athletes like Gabby Douglas.

Founded by fashion designer and philanthropist Tory Burch in 2009 to encourage female entrepreneurs, the foundation and its latest initiative seek to spark conversation about the double standard that exists around ambition. Whereas the attribute is typically seen as positive among men, many view it as a negative quality when it comes to women. But Tory Burch is on a mission to prove that it's time to put this outdated stigma where it belongs — in the trash can.

The stars in the video aren't the only ones in favor of this movement. Hillary Clinton took to social media to show her support for the empowering campaign.

Anyone interested in taking the pledge to embrace ambition can upload their own photo to EmbraceAmbition.org, apply one of the filters, and share the image on social media to spread the word.