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Vans Announces Its Plans For Going Sustainable by 2030

Vans Announces It's Joining the Sustainability Movement Just in Time For Earth Day

Vans Announces Its Plans For Going Sustainable by 2030
Image Source: Vans

Vans has announced that it is joining the sustainable fashion movement. The footwear brand has revealed new global commitments to environmental sustainability and responsibility that will be achieved by 2030. The brand is "implementing new creative approaches to how iconic footwear and apparel is made and distributed, specifically making the design, transport, and creation process better for the planet and our communities," according to a press release for the new campaign.

Vans broke down key ways it will be reaching these goals. The footwear company will move toward "creating circular products, deploy systems that design out waste, and keep products in use and out of landfills along with regenerative rubber initiatives to reduce global environmental impact."

By 2030, Vans is committed to the following sustainability milestones: 1) All top materials will be 100 percent regenerative, responsibly sourced, renewable, or recycled, 2) The brand plans on reducing its carbon footprint by 30 percent, 3) The brand will eliminate single-use packaging, and 4) Vans plans on using renewable energy in 100 percent of owned and operated facilities by 2025.

Read on to take a look at pictures from Vans's latest campaign to celebrate the moment.

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