The Darling Mommy-and-Me Robes Vogue Gave to Victoria Beckham

Instagram | victoriabeckham

When Victoria Beckham shared a snap of herself and her daughter Harper wearing Vogue robes, we blurted out an "Aww!" But after a little investigation, we found she might not be the only one who made out with one. Gigi Hadid has rocked the same signature embroidered robe on set, and it looks like Vogue Netherlands has a whole lineup of them available for models on duty, or, err, gifting. Scroll to take another look at the adorable snapshot Victoria shared, and you'll soon see that this particular robe is quite the prized possession.

Victoria and Harper Posed in Their Vogue Robes For Instagram

Vogue Refers to the Robe as the Ultimate Weekend Essential

Gigi Hadid Has Rocked One, Too

There's a Whole Lineup of Them Up For Grabs in the Vogue Closet