TikTok's Wearable-Sleeping-Bag Trend Is the Essence of Functional Fashion

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Jumpers, rompers, overalls — there's an unmatched versatility to pieces that blend fashion with leisure, and the internet has taken that appreciation to a whole new level. Embracing the comfy-chic movement, people across social media have recently become invested in the wearable sleeping bag, a piece of camping gear clothing that looks even cozier than it sounds.

"I just need you to know that this is my entire personality now."

On Feb. 23, music artist Tessa Violet shared her love for the ensemble on TikTok. "I went to REI today to buy a sleeping pad and I saw this sleeping bag you can wear, and I just need you to know that this is my entire personality now," the "Crush" singer said as she zipped herself into the sleeping bag. Since posting the video, she has worn the outfit in multiple clips on her TikTok page, proving that the look is perfect for a stroll through the city or a quick trip to the grocery store. After seeing Violet test the piece, hundreds of social media users have followed suit.

While curling up in a sleeping bag might intuitively seem like the best way to spend a sleepover or camping trip, the Selk'Bag, which made its debut in 2009, is turning the piece into an everyday style staple. The insulated sleeping bag features an adjustable hood, leg vents, and hand closures that essentially double as attached mittens. Even if you're not planning to snuggle up in a tent or head out into snowy weather, the outfit is a comfy alternative to a multipiece ensemble. The assorted zippers also make it easy to layer the suit over stylish joggers, pants, hoodies, cozy sweaters, or a fully styled look.

Plus, each bag is made with more than 200 recycled water bottles and comes equipped with multiple pockets for holding snacks or storing the remote control while you're lounging on the couch. In addition to pockets, the jumpsuit features removable booties, making it easy to style the piece at home (as is) or with a cute pair of boots for a trip to the movies with friends. The sleeping bag also comes in several colors, including teal, violet, and foggy blue. Practically speaking, it's even wearable in temperatures as low as 44 degrees.

Functional fashion is adaptive, clean, and typically more comfortable than the avant-garde looks that walk down the runway at Fashion Week, so it makes sense that the wearable sleeping bag is popping up all over TikTok and Instagram. Ahead, shop the Selk'Bag in four different styles.

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