The Wedding Ring Pictures You Have to Take on Your Big Day

Weddings come in all forms, but there's one symbolic item they all share: wedding rings. These ceremonial bands remind a couple of the vows they've made, the love they've found, and the future that lies ahead. Whether it's a tattoo circle around the finger or bling that you can't miss, these represent a relationship. We've successfully stalked pretty much all of your favorite wedding websites in existence to find the best inspo pics to inspire you for your own wedding pictures. Prepare to take notes.

The Extreme Close-Up

The Extreme Close-Up

The photo op: Sure, you'll have your rings with you always and a close-up peek at them is just a wrist flip away — it's still worth capturing some hi-res shots of those sparklers in all their glory.


Tip: Place the ring in the pillow box it came in for a vintage feel.


Tip: Layer rings on top of one another for added interest.


Tip: Add onto the layered look to achieve desired contrast.


Tip: Set rings apart to let each one speak for itself.


Tip: Leave the background almost entirely out of focus — it only adds to the sparkle.

The Big Moment

The Big Moment

The photo op: Staged photos of the ring are necessary, but capturing the actual moment when the rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony is hard to beat. Even if the rings are hardly visible, the act is still a moving experience to remember.


Tip: Get as close as possible to the action.


Tip: Capture the sweeping scene surrounding the exchange.

The Invitation Addition

The Invitation Addition

The photo op: A great way to showcase both your beautiful invite and your wedding rings is to set them up together. Strategically placing your rings on or near key words or dates can help emphasize important information.


Tip: Even the leaves behind the invitation can serve as a perfect backdrop.

The Bouquet Bling

The Bouquet Bling

The photo op: You've got to hold your bouquet, right? So why not use it as an opportunity to get a shot of the beautiful floral arrangement and your ring? Juxtaposing natural elements with stonework adds interest, too.


Photo by Lauren Scotti


Tip: For added dimension, have some shots with focus only on the ring, and others only on the flowers.

The Bookmark

The Bookmark

The photo op: If you are a literary couple, or if a certain passage or book symbolizes your union, consider including it in photos with the day's other true symbol of love: your rings.


Tip: Consider placing your rings over a meaningful piece of memorabilia from your special day.


Tip: Using a newspaper to showcase your rings is a great way to remember your wedding date.

The Candid Couple

The Candid Couple

The photo op: Some of the best ring photos aren't just about the ring. Capturing the wedding bands within meaningful moments — that aren't necessarily photo-styled to perfection — will likely be some of the most beautiful ones. It's those candid shots that really show the couple's spirit.


Tip: As much as faces are important, getting a below-the-neck shot helps put the focus on those fingers.


Tip: Close in on a stolen moment that looks natural and unposed.


Tip: If the groom's wedding band is unique, let that be the focus of a couple shot.

The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch

The photo op: Your wedding bands are likely as unique as the wedding itself. Capture the couple's personalities by staging ring portraits with trinkets and treasures that are unexpected and totally frame-worthy.


Tip: If you kept it, place rings atop the valuable item you used to celebrate your ceremony.


Tip: If your reception has a unique touch such as adorable doughnuts, incorporate it into a ring shot.


Tip: If your event has a natural theme, carry that over into a ring display.


Tip: Put your custom cake toppers on double duty. Added benefit: the rings look like halos.

The Hands-On Approach

The Hands-On Approach

The photo op: One of the most classic ring portraits is a simple but remarkable shot of the ring on one's hand. Solo shots of brides or grooms wearing their wedding bands are most traditional, but holding the rings within their hands is another unique approach.


Tip: If posing with your hands feels unnatural, hold something, like your clutch.


Tip: Resting hands naturally at your waist can also help showcase details of your dress.


Tip: Don't forget to showcase your hand — or ring during the moments that matter most.