The Bambi Pose Is Real, and Bella Hadid's Not the First to Do It

If you ever find yourself sitting upright in child's position during yoga, you're essentially doing the Bambi pose. Coined by Elle, this move is defined by having your thighs over your calves. (For reference, we included a photo of Disney's Bambi in this position below). Meanwhile, your hands can rest on top of your legs, to the side, or you can hold a drink (our preferable choice). You can also arch your back a little, preferably doing so in a swimsuit to maximize this pose's Instagram potential.

The Bambi pose phenomenon — it's real, guys! — has been perfected by the likes of Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and a handful of fashion influencers. Olivia Culpo even did it in denim shorts and a tee while packing, proving you can strike a Bambi pose anywhere, anytime. This Instagram trend might last longer than the thighbrow.

The Bambi Pose
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The Bambi Pose

Bella Hadid and Her Crew

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