Veils Not Your Thing? Choose 1 of These Stunning Wedding Accessories Instead

Wedding veils have had a tricky time the last few years, with many brides (including royals) deciding not to wear one. But then Meghan Markle opted for a thoroughly gorgeous veil on her big day, and since then, long and delicate veils have begun to enjoy a renaissance.

However, they're not for everyone, and with more people getting married outside of a church, the wedding industry is offering up some fresh options that make just as much of a statement. You might not have considered wearing a veil before (and we are all for breaking with tradition on your wedding day), and although they can be a little fussy, there is something undeniably . . . bridal about them. So we've found some alternative accessories for brides who want to add something unique and special on top of their wedding dress but don't necessarily want that to be a veil. Take a look through our gallery as we unveil (sorry, couldn't resist!) some alternative modern wedding options, then shop some of our favorite finds right now.

An Opaque Cape

A Sheer Lace Bolero

A Knit Wrap

A Belted Coat

A Fur-Trimmed Cape

A Lace-Trimmed Shawl

A Feather Capelet

A Dress With a Built-In Beaded Cape

A Crocheted Shrug

A Chunky Knit Cardigan

A Gold Leather Jacket

A Satin Cape

Now shop some cover-ups, capes, and shawls for yourself.