Beyoncé Is the Only Person in the World Who Has This Necklace

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Beyoncé recently shared photos of her outfit on Instagram, and one piece definitely stood out. In a selfie, the singer lifted up her diamond "Yonce" gold-plated necklace between her fingers, and eagle-eyed fans will notice it's the same piece of jewelry Beyoncé wore in her music videos for "Blow" and "No Angel." It appears the star recycled the Basile & Pape Bespoke Jewelry piece to dress up her white t-shirt and miniskirt. She topped off her look with an oversize gray blazer with striped sleeves, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses, and pink satin pumps.

The layered necklaces added an extra "oomph" to Beyoncé's ensemble, and if you loved the look, you can even get the 24k gold Disco Nameplate piece for yourself. Prices start at $1,325 with cubic zirconias or $2,325 with diamonds. If you want one that says "Yonce," though, you're out of luck. Designers Robin Basile and John Pape created that piece for the star herself in a one-time deal. No one else will ever own a necklace like that, which makes Beyoncé's truly unique.