Once You Get to Know Arielle Vandenberg, You'll Want to Chill With Her — and Raid Her Closet

One look at Arielle Vandenberg and you'll realize you've seen her before. Perhaps it was in a photo posted by one of her pals, like Aaron Paul or Nina Dobrev. But soon you'll discover it's not who Arielle knows but rather what she does that makes her so familiar: ruling the social media world, one hilarious post at a time. The actress slash model slash #hairinspiration made her name through Vine, and while the platform no longer exists, she's still a favorite among Instagram and Snapchat users, publishing witty — and awesomely weird — videos alongside her friend Matt.

Yet while Arielle's jokes may leave you cackling, it's her style that will steal your heart, as she has the ability to make even a t-shirt and jeans seem ridiculously cool. It's likely why Rebecca Minkoff chose her as the star of its 2016 holiday campaign, and why we couldn't wait to chat with her over the phone, ready to steal some secrets. Read on to learn more about Arielle — who is just as cool in real life as she is on your phone screen — including the piece she wears way too often and why she calls herself a "sexy Justin Bieber."

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Arielle Was Pretty Much Playing Herself in Rebecca Minkoff's Holiday Video

The campaign video focuses on that first big holiday on your own, and while Arielle is hilarious in it, she admits it wasn't just acting skills. "I talk to myself out loud all the time, so even on camera, it was super hard to not get mad at myself when I was wrapping the present badly," she said. "They were like, 'Stop talking!' I was like, 'You can't freakin' wrap a box?!'"

The Gig Was Far From Her First

Aside from being a social media star, Arielle has appeared in a handful of TV shows and movies, and has also done some modeling. She even worked with Rebecca Minkoff way back when!

"I did one of her first shoots when her clothing line came out," Arielle revealed. "I remember being like, 'This is going to be huge.' Her clothes were so cute, and I remember being proud of her, because she's my friend, too. I was like, 'Wow, you made these?!' She did a good job, and now look at her!"

Arielle's Style Is Simple but Chic

"I love simple things — black jeans, a white t-shirt with like a black bra underneath. Make it like a little sexier than just being tomboy. Every time I try to do something out of my comfort zone and go fancy [during] the daytime, I feel like I look like a princess or something. I'm very, like, chucks, t-shirts, and jeans, always. I'm like a sexy Justin Bieber."

Like Most Fashion Girls, She's Got Her Favorites

A white v-neck t-shirt is definitely this star's go-to. "I feel like the comment I get on Instagram the most is, 'You wear that t-shirt everyday.' I'm like, 'Yeah, I do, so sue me.' I'm not joking — people are always like, 'You were wearing that yesterday.' I'm like, 'I have 20, so it's not the same one, but it's the same one.'"

Arielle Knows What to Splurge On

"I spend money on a new pair of black jeans more than I probably should, but then I'm like, yo, I wear these every day of my life. They better look good!"

She's Also Willing to Shell Out Dough For a Pair of Black Booties

"I'm always OK with spending on shoes, because comfort," she said. "I don't have the time to break in new shoes every time, so I just look for the softest leather, which is always the most expensive. But you gotta do what you gotta do."

What You See on Social Media Is the Real Deal

"I feel good about the stuff that I've created on social media," Arielle said. "I feel like I've been myself. A lot of people have characters that they play on social media. I'm glad I just did me from the get-go, because now, it's just as if I'm posting for my best friends. People are following me for me. I love that."

Her Advice For Others Is the Same Advice She Follows Herself

"I think that being yourself on social media is fun because people love watching other people's lives for some weird creepy reason," the social media star said. "But I get it. The people that I follow, they're all people that I want to be friends with."

"Positive energy in social media posts is very important, too. I can get actual feelings from a post. It's so weird. When friends post quotes, I'm like, 'Yeah, whatever.' And then I'm totally crying over it [later]."

As For the Future? Arielle Has Big Plans

"I've been writing a lot, so that's a new thing for me — just really wanting to create my own show at some point. Whether I'm in it or not — I'd rather be in it — but I would love to create a show. I just want to make people laugh, that's all."