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Why Editors Love the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

POPSUGAR / advertiser content from / The Marc Jacobs

We've partnered with The Marc Jacobs to show how the iconic Snapshot bag is helping us celebrate authentic style — especially in times like these.

These days, gearing up to leave the house is an event in itself. Hand sanitizer? Check. Face mask and extra face mask? Check, check. With everything we're carrying, you'd think a suitcase wouldn't be enough, but for our editors, there's one iconic bag we rely on to house our everyday essentials: The Snapshot from The Marc Jacobs.

Not only is the bag functional and surprisingly roomy, but with so many fun colors and strap-customization options, it's a bold and playful way to put our own style stamp on any outfit. To show you just how versatile it is, we asked three editors with vastly different personal styles, lifestyles, and zip codes to each share how they're using The Snapshot to survive life outside. They can all agree on one thing: this bag is the must-have social-distancing style kit of 2020.