Please Direct Your Attention to the Hip Cutouts on Zendaya’s Afterparty Dress

Zendaya's been working overtime in the business of dropping jaws at the Venice Film Festival. The actress hardly gave us enough time to recover from seeing her in that figure-hugging leather Balmain dress before she served up another swoon-worthy look we'll be daydreaming about all weekend. On Friday, after attending the Dune premiere alongside costars Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, and more, she strolled up to the afterparty in an exquisite white dress, looking like she just casually descended from the heavens above. A piece from Australian designer Dion Lee's fall/winter 2021 collection, the gown features not one but two thigh slits, multiple tan straps adorned with buckles, and a pair of the sexiest hip cutouts we've laid eyes on in recent history.

Us plebes not on the afterparty guest list may have never seen Zendaya's latest serve if it weren't for image architect Law Roach, who shared a quick peek at it on Instagram. "The dress y'all didn't see," he captioned the below video of Zendaya strutting and twirling her way down the street, fabric flowing in the Venetian breeze. Thank you, Law and Zendaya, for continuing to make fashion magic.