Take 1 Hour to Breathe and Release Stress With This Ashtanga-Inspired Yoga Flow

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If you're missing your regular yoga class or feeling especially stressed, nervous, or sad, take an hour to follow along to this Ashtanga-inspired yoga flow from Koya Webb, a 500-HR RYT-certified yoga teacher. If you're not familiar with Ashtanga, this form of yoga follows the same series of postures every single time, and you flow from one posture to the next, making it a form of moving meditation. Ashtanga is also more intense and faster-paced than calmer styles of yoga, which can actually help keep your mind focused on your breath. This can help you feel more centered and calm.

Known as Primary Series, it usually takes 90 minutes to complete, so for those who don't have that much time or are Ashtanga newbies, Webb created this beginner yoga flow just for you! She said, "This is my own personal practice when I'm short on time or low on energy, but still want to get a great practice in."