10-Minute Workouts to Keep You Slim This Holiday Season

C9 by Champion knows how important it is to fit in that workout, which is why we partnered with them on this post.

It doesn't matter if you're heading to Grandma's apple-pie-scented house or indulging in a stay-cay for the holidays, these workouts can be done anywhere, allowing you to dig into a big slice of your favorite dessert with a little less guilt. Along with upping your heart rate, these 10-minute videos target specific areas, letting you choose which one's right for you. Extra bonus? No equipment necessary. And no excuses — these workouts can be snuck in before your morning shower, when needing a moment to get away from the extended family, or right before bed.


  • PlyoJam dance workout: Love to dance? This quick workout combines shaking your booty with explosive plyometrics that help you lose wight and tone up.
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  • Cardio-barre workout: If you are looking to keep your tush tight and amp up your heart rate, check out this 10-minute cardio-barre workout that will leave you burning — but in a good way.
  • Total-body cardio: You only need 10 minutes for this all-over body workout that really gets your heart pumping.
  • Total Tabata: Push yourself with 20-second intervals of intense activity that will leave you feeling fantastic once finished with this scorcher of a 10-minute workout.


  • Triceps toner: Sneak away from the relatives and tone your arms with this triceps workout. Don't have dumbbells? You can totally do this workout without and still feel the burn.
  • Arms and thighs: Along with tightening arms, here's a 10-minute arm-toning video that does double duty, working your inner thighs too.
  • Biceps buster: From a trainer who works with Victoria's Secret models, this 10-minute circuit-training routine totally sculpts sexy arms.


  • Core tightener: The holidays don't have to add a bit of jiggle to your middle with this 10-minute core-tightening workout.
  • Flat abs: Get ready to have fun while twisting and planking your way to flat abs with a core workout that totally delivers.
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  • Booty camp: Bring a little Barry's Bootcamp into your holiday season with a 10-minute interval workout that leaves your butt toned and tight.
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  • Bikini bottom: Just because it's Winter doesn't mean you can't be dreaming of salty sand and donning your favorite bikini, making this backside-toning workout a must during the holiday season.
  • Tushy toner: Bump up your backside with a quick tush-toning workout that you can do anywhere — even your cramped bedroom at home.
  • Glute buster: Work your butt from every angle with this derriere workout that creates a tight and shapely tush. Bye-bye, Spanx!


Source: POPSUGAR Studios

Slow Down

  • Stress-buster: The holidays can be a challenging time of year, so allow yourself a few minutes of Zen with a 10-minute Vinyasa flow.
  • Yoga time: Be like Jennifer Aniston and take a few minutes to follow this yoga sequence that tones and leaves you feeling refreshed.
  • Centering: Get strong and centered with a workout that infuses weights with yoga. And if you don't have any dumbbells handy, this workout gets the job done all on its own.

Need a few more ways to stay looking sexy this holiday season? Take a look at the video below, brought to you by C9 by Champion, exclusively sold at Target.