Build on Each Move and Get a Full-Body Burn With This 20-Minute Progressive HIIT Workout

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Bodyweight workouts can be anything but boring. Trainer and wellness coach Kelsey Ellis, known as Healthy With Kelsey on YouTube, shared this 20-minute progressive HIIT workout. It's progressive because you start with one exercise and build on it for the next two moves. We like this workout because it's perfect for all levels: you have the option to do the progressions or stick with the first exercise and repeat it two more times. The best part? This workout is accessible because it's bodyweight only, so you don't need any equipment.

Each exercise is 90 seconds and gets more challenging every 30 seconds. You'll do moves like inchworms, mountain climbers, plank taps, and forward lunges. So clear out some space, grab a towel, and get ready to work!