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27-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation

This 27-Pound Transformation Is Impressive, but Katie Actually Lost 112 Total!

Katie is proud showing off this 27-pound weight loss that took about a year, and she should be! She says, "27 lbs seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the 140 I want to have lost. But look at the difference! It just goes to show you that the scale isn't the only indication that things are changing."

Her highest weight was 279 pounds, and in two and a half years, so far Katie has lost 112.2 pounds. How? Through three things: calorie counting, exercise, and consistency — see, it works! She's currently at 166.8 pounds, and she's on a roll, with a goal of 139.

Over these past couple of years, the physical changes have become less and less important to Katie. She shares, "It's the other stuff, the confidence, the happiness, the ease of existing, the elimination of fear and self consciousness, the control over anxiety." She's so grateful for this journey and posts transformation photos like these on Instagram to remind herself how far she's come and to be proud.

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