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5-Minute HIIT Workout

Warning: This 5-Move, 5-Minute Workout May Destroy You

5-Minute HIIT Workout

One of my favorite local San Francisco studios has to be Salt. The women-owned studio offers a variety of classes, some that incorporate barre and kickboxing, and others that are hardcore HIIT classes that will leave you dripping in salty sweat. I love the community aspect and that each and every workout leaves me the perfect amount of sore.

During my most recent class, we were tasked with a pretty grueling HIIT circuit after an already intense 45 minutes of class. I won't lie; there was a moment during the 50th burpee when I actually felt like I might throw up. Dramatic, maybe, but it was that hard. The beauty of this little circuit is that it lasts all of five minutes, yet you feel like a total badass once it's over. It requires no equipment, and you can do it just about anywhere. For days when you want to add an extra little something to an existing workout or you just want to fit in something quick but effective, I highly recommend adding this to your rotation.

The Workout

This is a ladder workout, consisting of three rounds. During round one, perform each move for 30 seconds without taking any breaks between exercises. During round two, perform each move for 20 seconds. During your last and final round, perform each move for 10 seconds. To make the workout most effective, you should challenge yourself to go hard and fast during each round. Between each set, allow yourself a quick break to take a sip of water and towel off, but limit your breaks to 30 seconds.

The Moves

  1. Fast feet
  2. Side skaters
  3. Squat jumps
  4. High knees
  5. Burpees

Keep reading to see more detailed instructions on each of the moves.

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