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65-Year-Old Grandma Does CrossFit

The Reason This 65-Year Old Grandmother Does CrossFit Is the Reason We All Should

Freda Bernadette is 65 years old. She has 11 grandchildren and they're the reason she does CrossFit. Her doctors think she's making it up, because how could a 65-year-old be doing CrossFit?! She says, "I'm here working out because I want to live longer. I want to be able to watch my grandchildren grow up." That's what drives her to push herself and feel her heart pumping faster, and this important reason is something we can all relate to. You've got to see her doing front squats, kettlebell swings, push-ups, and even pull-ups! It'll totally inspire you to make time for today's workout and maybe even try CrossFit.

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