Tiffany Lost 65 Pounds in 1 Year By Ditching These 3 Foods

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Her key to staying motivated involves the support of her "fit family" on Instagram. She shares, "People message me every single day and tell me that I'm their motivation. That they're on their weight-loss journey because I made them believe they could reach their goals. I am setting an example for so many people, and it gives me purpose. I can't let them down. I want everyone to achieve the change of life I have been so blessed to be able to achieve."

Another huge motivator is remembering how uncomfortable, miserable, and depressed she felt all the time. Tiffany says, "I never want to feel that way again." She's spending time being active with her kids and loves being able to "take them to the beach without feeling embarrassed! I could never give that up for food."

Tiffany's advice for those on their own weight-loss journey is: "Don't diet. Eating healthy and keeping your body moving is what works. Starvation diets, diet pills, wraps — they're all temporary. Solving the real problem will give you the real and permanent solution."

Also be patient, and "don't rush it!" Tiffany goes on, "When you lose weight the right way, it comes off slower. Learn to be OK with that and love the process! It's a journey, not a destination."