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7-Day Workout Plan

POPSUGAR / paid for by / C9 Champion® at Target

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / RC Rivera

Ever considered experimenting with your fitness routine? We partnered with C9 Champion at Target to see what would happen when one editor tried seven workouts in seven days.

I work out. Regularly. I've always been that way.

For no reason other than the fact that I enjoy it. But I'm also really practical when it comes to my fitness. I don't sign up for things I know I can't do (looking at you, aerial yoga), and I also follow the rules when it comes to figuring in time to recover.

So when I was given the opportunity to work on this fitness story and exercise for an entire week, I wasn't sure how I'd approach it. For starters, I wouldn't normally work out seven days straight. Rest is an important part of any exercise routine, but this forced me to rethink my approach to rest days. I didn't actually have to just sit on my butt. I could go to a stretch class or try meditative yoga.

So read on to find out what happened when I committed to taking seven different workout classes in a week.

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